Pres. Duterte Expose Trillanes & Noynoy: “Inotso Ang Pera ng China”

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rody Duterte exposed former Pres. Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Antonio Trillanes on why the Chinese government got angry with them. According to Pres. Duterte “Inotso ang pera ng China.”

Pres. Rody Duterte’s revelations about the reasons why the Chinese government got angry with former Pres. Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Antonio Trillanes were because of the fact that they allegedly swindled the money from China, was made during a speaking engagement in Cauayan City, Isabela.

The President stated that the Chinese government got angry with Noynoy and Trillanes because of their misunderstanding which affected the Philippines relationship with China.

Pres. Duterte revealed that Trillanes and Aquino allegedly swindled some Chinese money but he refused to give more details with regards to the incident.

The President also explained that he is not accusing Noynoy Aquino of using the money but he only stated “Galit ang China sa atin ‘di ba because of their tiff with Trillanes and Noynoy. Inotso nila ‘yung Intsik diyan eh. Pera. So hindi ko sinasabi pumunta kay Noynoy but sinabi ng Intsik.” Pres. Duterte stated.

Pres. Duterte also stated further that Sen. Trillaned did nothing to benefit the Filipinos because of all he did was to bully, to quarrel and carry insult among his peers and other ordinary people.

The former Mayor of Davao City was quoted as saying “Anong ginawa nila? Trillanes anong ginawa nila kung hindi manakot. Akala mo kung sinong gago. Sinong tinatakot mo? Wala puro away, insulto,” dagdag pa ng Pangulo.

Source: Abante

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