How Mosquito Suck Blood? Watch It In Close-UP

Getting bit by a mosquito can be nasty for a couple of reasons.

Not only does it result in an itchy bump, but mosquitos can transmit diseases like Zika and Malaria.

But now, thanks to technology, you’ll have an entirely different reason to hate mosquitos. When you see what the entire process looks like zoomed in using a macro camera, you’ll hate them with a new passion.

Their proboscis actually hides six different horrifying parts: two shafts to saw through our skin, two more to hold the tissue apart, one to probe for a blood vessel, and another to drip their saliva into our blood to keep it flowing.

You probably already didn’t like these guys, but now? Ugh.

The hypopharynx that uses the saliva is also the part that delivers harmful diseases and parasites. I guess it’s time to stay inside forever!

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